With Google getting ever more efficient at weeding out bad links, you should be aiming high with your link building activities. The trouble is, it’s not always easy to spot great links. Even with link building services on hand like those we provide the best plan is to take a more human view of your link building.

The best links have human value

Looking for links that are valuable to humans, not machines, is a great way to spot quality link building. There are a few reasons these links are worthwhile. First of all, a site that attracts real traffic and is thoughtful about giving out links is likely to rank well. Second, these sites are more likely to have healthy rankings in the long term. Finally, Google seems to be valuing more links that are of human value.

Links you should be aiming for include:

• links from directories that people actually use, as indicated by traffic levels.

• comment links, when you really feel the need to comment – it’s more likely people will read and follow your link

Why this works

This approach is effective for much the same reason any human approach works for modern SEO. The search engines are doing their best to mimic human search behaviours, and each algorithm change is a greater reflection of that. As Google implements further changes to stop manipulative linking behaviour, linking in a more human manner just makes sense. The longevity and natural traffic from such links is just a nice bonus.