Getting the right inbound links is no easy task. It requires a combination of careful onsite work and social media activity. In addition, website optimization has to be site-specific for it to work effectively. Small details can make a difference in the course of campaigns which have to evolve. Link building is as much of an art as a science and it can be important to bear this is mind.

At Search Engine Optimization, we do not take ideas off the shelf and use them without due regard for context. Formulaic approaches which are not tailored to fit the needs of individual businesses will not give sites the ability to compete efficiently. We have years of experience to help you run your SEO to suit your needs.

It is often said that hosting a competition is a good way to get inbound links. This is true enough, but arguably there is more to be explored. When one holds a competition, it is critical to think about what the target audience want. At the same time, one must consider what you can provide. Discounts on goods or services may be a better option than giveaways due to affordability issues, for example.

When thinking about the pages of the site, it may be useful to consider where discounts should be placed. If discounts are dispersed around a site, this might not be optimal from a linking perspective. Concentrating discounts on a single page might be a superior option for your website. If a competition is held involving the provision of discounts as prizes, a similar strategy can pay dividends.