Google has always been shocking the world with its new algorithms. Now Google Hummingbird after Google panda and penguin update is a hot topic in the context of SEO i.e Search engine optimization. Everyone is using the best techniques of SEO to get more traffic to their websites in one or the other way. Google panda and penguin updates are still in their place which ought to spam those websites which contravene Google guidelines and create low quality websites.

Now Google hummingbird has broached new benchmark to evaluate the quality of website. Humming bird has been used by Google from 30th August but it was publicized on 26th September, 2013 on the occasion of company’s commemoration.

Now let us discuss in detail about this new algorithm of Google:

  • Understand Idea: Hummingbird focus more on idea of the search query which has been entered by the users and deliver the most appropriate results to the end user. Like suppose you input a question in Google “Show me the pictures of Indian Ocean?” Now with up gradations of Hummingbird, Google will show the results of Indian Ocean even when you enter a question and will not show any error in your search query. Whatever you search for, it will offer more refined results rather than producing look-alike results.
  • Content is still holding its place: As everyone knows that content holds a very prominent position in the ranking of a website; it hauls attention of the end users and let them read your content from tip to toe. The artistry of unique and fresh content is that your website achieves better ranking, traffic and authorship by time. Google likes crawling websites with original and peculiar content and you get an opportunity of getting on the top in Google search results. Content must be written from the user’s perspective and must be coherent.
  • Pose “How to” in your content: Hummingbird is now focusing more on educational content i.e. questions or queries as it is supposed to show the results even if you type a question in Google because many people copy paste whole of the question in Google and didn’t get relevant results showing errors in their queries. But this is now feasible with Hummingbird. Don’t muddle your audience but pick a most appropriate title for your content and no one can stop you from getting on the top.
  • Optimization with Mobile interface: Today everyone is peeping internet through the smart phones, tablets etc and for that your website must be mobile friendly or responsive to attract mobile users which will drive traffic to your website and you will be getting the eyeballs for your website.
  • Do not stuff too much keywords: On page optimization is a crucial part, from the SEO’s outlook so do not stuff too much keywords but pick Unique and catchy keywords which are crawled by Google often and as a result you achieves the top position. Use Google keyword planner to find the most suitable keywords for your content.
  • Videos are a hot allure: Put videos in your website as high quality videos holds a significant place because people like watching videos rather than reading the whole content and as videos are more information giving. As already discussed, Hummingbird focus more on question, so you can give a title like “how to….?” For your content and your website will be crawled more speedily.