For many webmasters, link building is a matter of numbers. Further links to the site are obtained , the better. Entire companies have been built around this idea . But there is an approach to link building that will help you get better results. It is still possible with simple operations buy back links in bulk and there are several tools available online that automatically create hundreds of back links through the low quality links from forums or blog comments . Since the latest update of Google have started to heavily penalize this type of link, it’s easy to understand how important it is to use professional tools and techniques to carry out this delicate task . Google hates these back links artificial and can result in heavy penalties if you use tools and services that automatically create back links for your site.
It is the quality of the backlinks that matters, not the quantity.  It is strictly recommended that you need to do  complete auditing of your link profile very carefully so that your website don’t get penalized.

When you try to get new backlinks you need to consider the following:

“When Google introduced the ranking algorithm which was based on the number of backlinks pointing to a website to assess its importance , it was common the idea that a web site with many backlinks a website had to be influential. ”

Now it is not so . Not only is calculated by the number of links pointing to the site, but it is also established that the origin and the correlation of the starting page has links with the site of arrival.

To give some examples , we can say that Google will implement the following types of links:

  • Links from websites that have a related topic. If your website is an online travel agency , the links from the travel blog will have a very positive influence on your rankings .
  • Links from web pages that are linked to your topic. For example , a website of a newspaper usually is not tied to a particular site. But if you publish an article on a topic that is related to your website, a link from that page would be important.
  • Links that show the importance of your website. If your site is linked with a sentence like ” More information on this topic can be found here ” this suggests to the search engines that your website is an authority for that argument .
  • Links from high authority websites . If Wikipedia for example, or other important sites have a link to your site, it is clear that your web site is considered important.
  • Links from trade associations. These links show the search engines that your site belongs to a particular category.
  • Links to related articles. If you publish guest posts on other websites , we must ensure that the content of the page is linked to our website, if this is true, then the link will have a positive influence .
  • Links from business directories . Some websites like the Yellow Pages can link your website to show the search engines that you are a real company .

Frequent backlink auditing is very necessary for your website so that it don’t get penalized when any new Google update happens. There are many tools available that can help you in checking back links easily. These search tools helps you find websites with links to many of your competitors.

In addition, many back link checking tools provides an option that lets you manage your link building campaign . The campaign manager keeps track of requests for connection , checks to see if the links are still active, and automatically finds the contact information of the operators of various websites.

Of course, the tools available are varied , there is only Seo profiler. And it is also fair to say that not just a software tool , no matter how advanced , to get good results . It takes knowledge and skills that are acquired after years of study and experience in the field. Our advice , as always, is to rely on experts. For any inquiries you can use the Contact section.