There is a wealth of information out there about search engine optimization. Expert bloggers and article writers offer their advice and opinions on all aspects of the many SEO services available to you. It can however sometimes become misleading and the information in a blog can create a misconception surrounding a particular issue. This can colour your own opinions and inadvertently lead to a wrong decision.

Here are three misconceptions cleared up:

  1. No tables in HTML code

There are those experts that warn against using tables in HTML code. However, tables can be of benefit as the search engine spiders can negotiate them better. This myth grew from some India SEO Specialists pushing their preference for web design without tables when  in fact, to achieve high rankings the opposite is true. 

  1. Text links before image links

Again, there is a school of thought that favours text links rather than image links. However, when looking at link building strategies, image links should not be discounted. These can be well navigated by search engines. Always use alt tags in the way text links use anchor text and you’ll enjoy great results. Keep images small so they don’t create problems with loading time. 

  1. Avoid Flash at all costs

Although using Flash everywhere on your website is definitely to be avoided, you can still use it in specific areas. Simply keep content and other areas important to search engines Flash free.