No matter how good your website is or how much good content you post on your website; you will be surprised by a harsh fact that competitors want to dent the image of your website by linking your website with low quality links. As a result, your website’s ranking is reduced or you might even face penalty from Google. This whole thing is called as Negative SEO and it is the harsh reality of today’s world.

Here is the detailed negative SEO review and steps to prevent such kind of attacks on your website:

The tactic adopted by the competitor is to buy the low quality link and here are some different forms of low quality link buying tactics:

  • Some competitors will only try to take down a certain page or link by building a low quality link to a certain page that is also called as subpage. As these subpages are rich in content they always try to target these subpages.
  • Spam Attack is another form of tactic and it could be single or multiple attacks. A Single attack occurs in one day whereas multiple attacks keep on repeating for 3 to 4 months.
  • Negative SEO always try to attack a website that is new as it is easy to attack a new website with less natural back links as compared to a website that is established with concrete back link profiles.

As per Google it is possible to detect negative SEO but little difficult to diminish it and the company is working hard to find a solution to this problem.

What to do in order to prevent attack from a negative SEO:

  • If your website is new then during the initial few months you need to concentrate heavily on public relations rather than page ranking. You also need to focus on link building that is branded.
  • Always make sure that you constantly monitor all the incoming links at your website for at least once in a month. This step will help you catch the negative SEO link attack at early stage and you can save lot of damage to happen.
  • Always try to avoid link building that is submission based as it might be used by negative SEO for connecting your website with low quality links. You can consult a reliable Link Building Company for better results.
  • As told earlier websites that are established as less prone to such attacks but in this case, you need to keep a strong check on your outbound links.

How to check that you have been attacked:

  • Firstly you need to check whether the homepage has been hit or the subpage or in some cases both homepage and subpage gets impacted.
  • Check your website traffic analysis.
  • Take help from webmaster tools for any kind of warning.

After checking you need to submit disavows for both the search engines that is Google and Bing and also submit a reconsideration request. Some common types of negative SEOs are spam Annotations in mass number, A page that has been duplicated and spread across hundred of domains, hacking of Google Webmaster tools and loads of links that are full of spam and nothing else.

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